Renato Freitas, Secrets of the “RenaChoke” Seminar at Balance Studios (May 17th 4-6pm)

Renato Wins Pan amsAfter 11 years of being open here at Balance Studios, we finally convinced our friend Renato Freitas (Pan Am Gold Medalist + BJJ Black Belt) to come to Philly and show the secrets of the world famous “RenaChoke”.

If you guys do not know this choke series, YOU SHOULD SIGN UP! Renato has finished so many people with this unorthodox style of choke. Recently, he won 7 out of 8 matches with this choke series to win the gold in the Pan Ams. I personally can’t wait to see all of his transitions to this choke.



Date: “RenaChoke” Seminar (Sat May 17th , 2014)
Time: 4pm-6:00pm (Gi Class)

Price: $60 (includes a “RenaChoke” Shirt)

30 spots only !!!!

Follow Renato on facebook (click here)

NOTE: keep checking back on this page. I will be posting a few videos from Renato’s Pan Am matches.




Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 9.16.37 PM





Here is the cool “RenaChoke” Shirt that you get with the seminar!


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