2023 Belt Promotions (Oct 28th 12-3pm)

If you’re supposed to be on the list or if you would like to nominate someone,
please text 215-988-9347

NOTE: We are adding more belt candidates, please keep checking back.


Classes: All classes are canceled at all schools
Date: Sat, Oct 28th, 2023
After Party: Discounts at Bottle Bar and Fishtown Tavern
WhereBalance HQ in Fishtown (1314 Frankford Ave Phila, PA 19125)
Parking Lot1232 N Front St, Philadelphia, PA 19122

Black Belt Stripes

Marc Howard (Promoted 10-24-23)

Black Belt

Kevin Cunningham (NEW)
Nathaniel Zenon
Charles Williams

Brown Belt

Kyle Metchin
Benjamin Anton
Harold Hawkins
Sean Mcsherry
Steve Cobb
Nick Mimosa (NEW)
Kevin Fitzpatrick (Will be promoted in November)
Cindy Ung (will be promoted Jan 2024 at special women’s event)

Purple Belt

Adam Perry
Chris Panebianco
Rocco Perate
Todd Yoder (NEW)
Alex Wei (NEW)
Andy Lu (NEW)
Andrew Barbato
Daniel Marano
Dan Gervasi
Adam Didominico
Kevin McCarthy
Justin Duff
Hunter Dauterman
Asante Kirby
Sean Robichaud
Amanda Hernandez (NEW)
Kelly Zacc (will be promoted Jan 2024 at special women’s event)

Blue Belt

Brady O’Connor
Steven Vournazos (NEW)
Muhammad Meajun
Jack Dulin
Holden Ayers
DJ O’Connor
Blaise Arnold
Sean Wilde
Sanroop Polotharayil
Jack Melvin
Karim Boyd
Max Lesser
Crawford Taylor
Majd Altobajy
Andrew Gallina
Anirudh Ramesh
Steve Doan
Pablo Negron
Matthew Real
Pablo Real
Devin Mahoney
Zach Romeo (NEW)
Adrian Astiz (NEW)
Billy Barnes (NEW)
Ralph Melendez (NEW)
Chris Bocchi
Dylan Manni
Jason ifran
Nick Brown
Patrick McDowell
Brian Sullivan
Brandon White
Sam Hellman
Brandon Bussy
Abner Justine
Michael Dailey
Long Quy
Andrew Loewenstern
Mark Klein
Mike Merlino
Ryan Shepherd
Annette Hill
Jamie Steinberg
Emily Persico
Kayla Foresta
Sean Bradley Jr
Josh Cappiello
Luke Picarelli
Rocco Trivelli

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