Balance Center City “Soft Opening” (Mon Jan 21)

“Soft Opening” Balance Center City:
* All classes start at the new location on Monday, Jan 21, 2019 at noon.
* New location is at 2100 Chestnut st (3 blocks away from old location.)
* All Sunday classes will be canceled until further notice.
* Besides Sundays, the schedule has not changed.

Class Schedule transition:
* Classes end at the old location Jan 18, 2019 (Jan 19th is the Grand opening of Balance Northeast. We will all be there)
* Ricardo/Phil Migliarese will teach all of the classes on the LAST DAY at the old location on Friday, Jan 18
* The Brothers will also teach all of the classes on the first day at the NEW LOCATION on Jan 21 2019

Grand Opening Celebration:
* March 2, 2019
* Will will be posting more info soon on this event.

2100 Chestnut St (2nd floor)
Enter on 21rst st
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Call: 215-636-9661

* Street parking is much easier! Park more north towards Market st.
* 5 paid parking lots within 2 blocks at 1/3 of the price of 24th st

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