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-Phil & Ricardo Migliarese

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Balance Accolades:

  1. Multiple time winner of “Best of Philly” since 2002
  2. 1000’s of success stories from students and experts
  3. Promoted more than 100 Gracie Approved Black belts
  4. Home to the highest ranking BJJ and Muay Thai teachers in Philadelphia
  5. Produced 100’s of world and pan am champions
  6. Migliarese Brothers are UFC, Bellator, ADCC, IBJJF coaches.
  7. Ranked #1 Jiu-Jitsu team in the northeast from Grappler’s Quest
  8. Rave 5 star reviews on FacebookGoogle, City Voter, and Yelp

Favorite reviews from the last 20 years...

“This school is known to be the best in the country”

Chris M.
Balance Studios is one of the best schools I have every practiced at in my 15 years of training in martial arts.
Rick and Phil are the “real deal”. On top of that all of the assistant instructors are top notch and very talented teachers in their own right. Most importantly there is a “family atmosphere” that Phil and Rick have created at the academy. This in my opinion is a true reflection of their great skill and dedication to the art on and off the training mat.

Matt Bonsall
“I have been affiliated with Balance Studios for approximately five years; it is by far the best Jiu Jitsu school around!! “

Dan Shelley
“Phil is the best teacher I’ve ever met. He is a certified Gracie Black Belt.

Joe B
“Balance Studio is the best around for jiu jitsu hands down. You won’t find anyone around here that knows more about the art than these 2. They are great teachers. Whether you are a black belt or a first timer, these guys know how to get their point across to you. It is a fine martial arts institute and I’m proud to learn from the best.”

Rusty Wright
“Ricky and Phil have been very high impact people in my life. Not just physical, but mental, which has given me an awesome outlook on my life. I have only been in 4 unavoidable confrontations in 10 years and through them, I was very successful. I want to thank you, Ricky and Phil, for offering me the experience and your commitment at Team Balance”

Cortney Wright
“After taking the women’s self-defense class, I felt empowered, engaged and connected with the instructors and myself.”

Gary B.
“I train at a Balance affiliate in NJ, and after checking out a few other schools first, I could not have picked a better place to train. Phil and Rick along with all Balance instructors are amazing teachers “

Bob Reichanek
“Having the most skilled instructors makes for the most skilled students.”
Brian R. Marsh
“Team Balance is a great organization with some of the best instructors I have ever seen. “

Rich Komar
“Phil and Ricky are the best instructors I have ever taken a class from. I’ve trained with many Brazilian Black Belts and the Migliareses are far more technical.”

Joe Brusco
“Balance Studios has the best martial in Philly. No question.”

Nick Meitzler
“The best at what they do….”

Jazz Hoxha
“Regardless of your age, jui jitsu is a good workout, also the instructors are very helpful.”

Matt Hamilton
“Balance Studios has show me something I couldn’t fine anywhere else. From training in the gym to daily life they have helped with Martial Arts.”

Dan H.
“Every time I walk out of the place, I feel like I can take on a little bit more of the world. Great instructors, reasonable pricing.”

Drew Vogel
“Rick and Phil have designed an efficient and systematic method of developing the skills necessary to perform the techniques and strategies of Gracie Jiu Jitsu in any arena, be it competition, nhb, or the street. “

Tim C.
“The best people you want to train you! “

“Ricky is the best, he is an excellent teacher and he really knows what he is talking about. “

“They are the absolute best. Everyone should go to them. “

“Ricky is awesome at what he does, a great place!”
Fred Mancuso
“Great place to sharpen those jiu-jitsu skills by highly trained and skilled instructors. I recommend this place to all interested in learning about this popular and upcoming sport. “

“Just Great place to train!”

Heather M.
“Highly recommended…elite instructors…top-notch school!”

Monica Seabridge
“Balance Studios demonstrates the highest level of professional training I have seen!!”

Chris H.
“I train in NYC. Made some visits to Balance, top notch instructors and good people.”

Timmy G
“This place is the Harvard of jiu jitsu studios.”

Marine man
“Thank you guys for the support”

Frank Rey
“The guys at Balance are by far the most professional staff I have ever trained with. They quickly assess your skill level and know exactly what type of training will best suit you. They are a dynamic group and push you just past your normal quitting point. I can’t spend enough time training here, they are the best!”

“Cant get any better than this place.”

“I feel like I’m at home at Balance.”

“Awesome instructors and awesome guys.”

Billy Howarth
“Dedication, commitment, pride, and strength- what more could you ask for? You’ll find all of this plus more at Balance Studio.”

Jimmy Rubino
“My experience at Balance Studios has changed my life. Jiu Jitsu is not only a martial art, its a way of life! Rick, Phil, Timmy and the gang at balance are not only my instructors, they have also become my friends. Their knowledge of Jiu Jitsu is unsurpassed, and their ability to teach it amazing. By far they are the best. No one even comes close!!!……Thanks guys”

“I am continually impressed by the level of instruction at Balance. It is a great place to learn and train. “

“Hands Down The BEST!”

“Phil is an amazing yoga instructor! He makes you feel comfortable in class and his knowledge of yoga is outstanding. Balance Studios is run by the best and that’s what makes them the best! “

“Philip combines an easy going manner and expertise in his field to give his students consistently master level instruction.”

Michael Pritzker
“Great instructors who give you a lot of individual attention.”

john mercurio
“Ricky took the time out of his personal schedule to help me get ready for my fight. “

Dina Perillo
“They are absolutely the best!!!!!”

“Great instructors”

Emmitt B.Whitfield
“Phil and Rick Migliarese are the best because they are good at what they teach(jiu jitsu) and they are good human beings. I have known them for over seven years and they’ve shown me nothing but love and respect. They’ve made me feel like their studio is open to me as a second home to be the best student in jiu jitsu I can be. They believe in me. Because of them I am a lot stronger person and less timid person than I used to be. They’ve changed my life and for that I owe them nothing but the best. “

Douglas J Shaffer Jr
“Phil and Rick are true masters! They are two of the best teachers I have ever had”

Mike Marioni
“great instructors and a variety of class to fit your life “

“Balance Studio is a one of a kind martial art gym. If you want to get a true jiu-jitsu workout, balance studio is the place to go. You won’t get nothing less that expertise one-on-one training from the best of the best in jiu-jitsu from trainers Rick and Phil. They are unbelievable in their works.”

“There is only one way to judge a martial arts school by the quality of it’s instructor’s not by how many students. After being affiliated with various schools, and if you do any research it is clear there is none better in the area than Rick and Phil @ Balance Studios.”

“No better place to train in Philly than Balance.”

Nick Johnson
“The instructor and their experience in this training is the best instruction to reach Balance in one’s body. “

” Phil and Ricky were the best years ago while instructors at another school. Now they’re just sick! Wish I still lived in Philly so I could train with them.”

Bob Herrmann
“You will never find better instructors anywhere else. “

M. Neumaier
“The training technique that Balance Studios offers is tremendous. They also display a very patient training approach.”

Lori & Mauro
“Rick & Phil are the best of the best! Besides being great trainers, they are great, down-to-earth people. There is nothing like Balance Studios….Go and check them out!”

“Phil and Rick are fantastic. They push you to achieve your best, and recognize the importance of building and supporting the individual. Their passion and belief in the impact martial arts can have on people is contagious and is reflected in their students and other Balance instructors. “

Dominic Cosenza
“It’s the best training in the city and I have trained a lot of places.”

“Phil was my first yoga instructor and he was truly the best! He has patience, knowledge and clarity on what he’s teaching. His passion shows! BALANCE STUDIOS ROCKS!”

Anna Marie
“Rick & Phil and what they’ve created are the best because they completely believe in what they do and dedicate themselves in a truly inspiring way! “

“Ricky and Phil are bodyguards!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE U BOTH!!”

“They kick butt.”

“Excellent instruction and atmosphere with accommodation for all levels of experience. The Migliarese brothers and everyone at Balance Studios are truly a great organization of dedicated, knowledgeable, and friendly people. “

“Because Phil and Ricky are no joke and they have been doing this thing forever! They are the best at what they do! “
“Amazing techniques and great teachers… “

Brian DeMuro
“They have something for everyone. If you’re a pro MMA fighter, a jiu jitsu tournament competitor, or just someone that wants to get in shape or learn how to defend themselves, Balance has something for your needs.”

“Thank you Phil and Rick for all the help!!! this place is the place to be”
“It’s the only place in Philly where Champions are made. Balance Studios is the HARVARD of Martial Arts academies. “

Derek Leyrer
“Phil and Ricardo Migliarese have done an amazing job. they built a top competitive BJJ school from scratch and continue to provide excellent guidance for all levels of jiu-jitsu enthusiasts.”
Lou Cammisa
“Awesome teacher, great person to learn from! Great friend!”

Ricardo Migliarese
“Thanx Phil For Making Me What I Am Today!!! If It Wasn’t For You Id Be Lost. Go Balance!!!”

Duane Weikum
“Phil M. is extremely talented on the mat, a great teacher, and an over all nice guy. What more can you ask for? “

Francisco Ambrifi
” Phil Thanks for all the privates in yoga I went from incredible lower back pain I was not able to walk and in two years training yoga and your style of jiu-jitsu I have not had a lower back problem in two years. Rick Thanks for preparing me for my MMA fight and staying on top of me every day and keeping me motivated you are the best.. The angry Tech….”

Brian Wood
“In Phil, you can sense a genuine passion to search for perfection in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu – for himself and his students. Not only does he belong to a select few to have been designated as Master Instructor by the Gracie Family, but his seemingly effortless execution of technique demonstrates a clear example of the essence behind Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Students are supremely confident that they are getting jiu-jitsu instruction that is true and consistent with the principles of the Gracie Family. “

Ken Archbold
“Great training, great atmosphere, great people.”

Anthony Coco
“The milagrese brothers are amazing. Great instructors.”

Tim smalldog
“Balance is one of the few schools that really teach the good stuff. And they share with everyone.”

Michael Mcgrath
“magic phil is one of the best instructors i have ever had , he makes BJJ addictive.!!!!”

“Best training videos.. dedicated instructors. “

( team balance aruba)
“Cause they came all the way to aruba to teach some guys they never met BJJ and they are talented people with great personalities”

Phil D.
“I have gone to every Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu School in Philadelphia, Balance is the Best and Least Expensive of them all/ (I am a student, so I have to be a little cheap) Thanks, Phil, Rick, Tim, Josh, Drew, James, Jazz, Ken, and everyone else at Balance…”

Pat Vacanti
“Phil and Rick Migliarese are two of the best sources of Jiu Jitsu information and skill this side of the Gracie family. Balance studios is the top of the food chain when it comes to Martial Arts, period.”

Hector Diaz
“i attended for a short period but enjoyed the patients of the since on his teachings and that was very important for me , i’m considering to join again when i can get a break in my busy schedule. thank you”

Dan Vause
“All around great group of guys!”

Ray Butcher
“I travel all the way from Ireland not just for the best instruction but for the best hospitality and friendly atmosphere that Phil, Rick and all the people at Balance Studios create.”

Ernie Gresco
“You can look long & hard for class operations in the Martial Arts world & you will not find such genuine artists & teachers!”

Jeanine Iannelli
“Best trainers & a can do atmosphere!”

Jeff Robinson
“Relaxed yet disciplined training, knowledgeable and passionate instructors, an environment made for learning-what’s not to love?”

Joseph Tarsia
“Balance Studios is the best because the owners are committed to perfection of their art and settle for nothing less.”

Aaron Salisbury
“I’ve trained at other facilities, but Balance has more to offer. It has everything from Ju-Jitsu to yoga to MMA and more. It also has some of the best competition around.”

George Garbin
“Everyone in the school is there to help you get better. Everyone! For me, this has translated into better health both physically and mentally. That is why Balance Studios is the best martial arts school in Philly!!! I suppose anywhere.”

Robert Herman
“Balance Studios have by far the best trainers in Philly. They also have complete programs from yoga to MMA to allow you to be any level of fighter that you choose to be. The atmosphere is very friendly. I have been with Balance since they opened and to this day I enjoy it every time I go in.”

“World class martial artists willing to take the time to really help both beginners and advanced students achieve new levels of proficiency. Great school. Better Guys. “

Michael Thiel
“Thanks to meeting Rick Migliarese, he introduced me to one of the best experiences of my life. Taking Jiu-Jitsu is something I wish I would have known about ten years ago. Phil and Rick are two of the most gracious people I have ever met and as far as instruction goes, you couldn’t find two better people to have. Thanks to both of you.”

“Their quest for world domination in the jiu jitsu world is overwhelming! No, seriously it’s a great place to train and the instruction is top notch.”

Bill Thanel
“Phil and Rick Migliarese are the best instructors a student can ask for. It does not matter if you are a professional fighter preparing for a fight in the UFC or if you are a new student looking to get into shape, they offer a superior level of teaching and service to all of their students! I can honestly say they create a training environment that is comfortable for all without egos or arrogance! If you are looking for a school and you cant decide where to go then choose balance studios! You will not be disappointed!”

“Great trainers, no pressure, world class fighters. “

Japheth Brubaker
“Best teachers and talent proven in competition and reputation”

Ron Jones
“I’ve been training martial arts for many years and currently run a school in Ewing NJ. During this time I’ve been affiliated with Balance Studios. They absolutely know what they’re doing and the instruction is first class. They are caring and supportive with their students. I’m glad to be part of their team.”

Jon Reeb
“Hands down, best Jiu-Jitsu in Philly”

“Phil and Rick are the best!”

Kevin Scott
“As someone who has trained in martial arts in numerous countries and competed on three continents, I can attest that Balance Studios is not merely the best jiu jitsu school in Philly. It is one of the very best martial arts training facilities anywhere in the world. Those of us who live in this area are extremely fortunate that Balance is located in Philadephia.”

John Keevill
“The environment that Phil and Rick have created offers a family-like atmosphere that a is shared on the mat. A respectful diverse group of individuals coming together to enjoy the sport together. The training there feels tailor made to a group of people that are happy to be learning from such experienced and wonderful representatives of the sport. My son (18) and I (46) have enjoyed our time training together and with others. Balance offers instruction from many talented teachers from the kids classes up to the NHB fighters. I am proud to wear the colors of this school”


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