Jeff Jordan (Cobra Kai) defeats Jason Sargus (Brazen Boxing & MMA) with “Balance Triangle”

Jason Sargus of Brazen Boxing and MMA in PhiladelphiaI hope you are all having a good weekend.

As promised, here is an example of the “Balance Triangle” variation 2  (The bounce back) from last week’s advance class.


Jeff Jordan performed the technique perfectly against this stronger opponent. Jeff was training with Cobra Kai owner,  Marc Laimon in Las Vegas at the time of this event.  Marc is one of the best MMA and BJJ trainers in the US. His opponent, Jason Sargus is the owner of Brazen Boxing and MMA here in Philadelphia and a former division I wrestler. His students tell me that he touts black belt no gi skills.  I have worked out with Jason before. He is definitely a very tough fighter.

Both fighters are competing in the advanced No Gi division.

Jason fires in with a double and hits a perfect sit through to take Jeff down, scoring 2 points. Jason then does an impressive & powerful guard smash pass. I can imagine that with his wrestling skills, that pin is heavy and tight. Jeff is a very flexible and squirmy fighter. He did not accept Jason’s pass attempt. Jason recovers with the “Bounce Back Triangle” ,  a move that was designed for defense against a strong and higher ranked opponent. As you can see in the video, the triangle was too tight which forced Jason to tap out and surrender to the choke.

I will be doing a video with the “Balance Triangle” variations 1-3 on my next Jiu-Jitsu Matrix video newsletter. Sign up for it today, I will be sending the video out in the next few days.

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