Leglock Master Series + Yoga with Phil Migliarese (Sun Oct 13th 10am-2pm)

Come out and join 6th degree Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt,Phil Migliarese, for the 17th annual Leglock Master Series.

Leg Lock Submission with Phil migliarese

This seminar is open to ANYONE from ANY TEAM. Take a trip to Philly!

Are BEGINNERS welcome? Yes! At least 30% of the clinic is just for you!

Date: Sunday October 13th, 2019
Times: 10am-2pm
Equipment: No Gi uniform + towel + BJJ belt for yoga
DISCOUNT price: $100 if you show Balance App when you pay
Regular price: $120 *NOTE: no checks or credit cards
Download: The Balance MMA App
Regular classes moved to center city / women’s class in HQ private room
LIMIT: Limited 30 students! (9 remaining spots)
WhereBalance HQ in Fishtown (1314 Frankford Ave Phila, PA 19125)
Parking Lot1232 N Front St, Philadelphia, PA 19122

Please CALL or TEXT 215-988-9367to reserve your spot for one day.

WORKSHOP DETAILS: Yoga and Leg Locks

We will start the clinic with a special YOGA FOR LEG LOCKS series to improve your movement and defense.

Flexibility is paramount when attacking and defending leg and foot holds.

Practice the sun salutation in the time before the clinic.
It is available on the BALANCE APP under YOGA FOR FIGHTERS or watch the video below.

Leg Lock Techniques (attacks and defense)

Straight foot lock (guard pass + guard entry)
-With “check mate” lock
-Straight foot –> toe hold
-Cross arm straight footlock

Outside heel hook (guard pass + guard entry)
-with “Check mate” lock
-Z Guard attack
-turtle attack

Inside heel hook
-proper leg position

Knee bar
-guard pass (under leg)
-half guard top
-half guard bottom
-Closed Guard

Toe Hold
-from guard pass
-from back take
-take the knee bar

Calf Slicer
-DLH roll
-turtle attack

4 in 1 attack:
-Step over DLH

Sample Foot Lock Attack Technique from Phil Migliarese

Standing Leg Lock Series from Phil Migliarese

Kneebar Technique from Phil Migliarese

Inside heel hook defense plus 50/50 escape (PART 1 and 2)

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