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The Migliarese Brothers: 
Living and Teaching the Jiu Jitsu Lifestyle

Published in Lifestyle Magazine (2007)
by Thomas Gilmore

The Cradle of Wrestling: Gushti in India
Published in Black Belt Magazine (2006)
by Joji Montelibano

Growing Up Gracie (The Story of Phil Migliarese)
Published in MMA Worldwide (2007)
by Joji Montelibano

Tapout Magazine Technique Layout
Published in Tapout Magazine (2007)
Featuring Ricardo Migliarese, Frank Ambrifi, and Phil Migliarese

Balance in Combat
by Helene Finizio

Strengthening body and mind: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
by Thomas Gilmore

Back to being fit
Fox New’s Kerri-Lee Halkett gets into shape at Balance Studios

There is a New Black Belt in Town!
New Relson Gracie Black Belt – Phil Migliarese
by Joseph Cunliffe
03/07/2003 ADCC

The “Jiu-Jitsu LifeStyle”
Published in PhillyFit Magazine (July/August 2006)
by Ricardo Migliarese

Who is Phil Migliarese and What is the Jiu-Jitsu Matrix?
Interview by Gumby from


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3) Phil Migliarese Daily News with Kimberly Garrison

4) Fightworks podcast episode 22

5) Sonny Hill Interview about Matrix Fights



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