No Social Media At Balance Studios

Let’s get focused!

We’re thrilled to be moving forward with a new strategic partnership at Balance Studios. Pausing social media is an important step in helping us achieve our goals and creating a more focused, supportive, and positive environment.

Balance Studios is implementing a suspension of social media use within all locations. We are focusing on providing our members with a more immersive and distraction-free workout experience, allowing them to focus on their Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai journey without external pressures or distractions. By suspending social media use within the gym, we are promoting a more mindful and present approach to training, which can lead to greater success and satisfaction in achieving goals.

We believe that this measure will enhance the gym experience for our members and create a more supportive and focused community.

We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of our members during this time, and we look forward to continuing to provide an exceptional experiences at Balance Studios.


  1. Only individuals who have been explicitly approved by management are allowed to post on social media about the gym. This helps to ensure that our brand messaging is consistent and accurate.
  2. Members are not allowed to represent themselves as official spokespersons for the gym or to make claims or promises on behalf of the gym without explicit permission from management.
  3. If a member becomes aware of any other member or staff member who has violated this policy, they are encouraged to report the incident to the gym’s management. We take all reports of violations of this policy seriously and will investigate any incidents that are reported to us.
  4. No photos or videos anywhere at Balance Studios especially in areas where privacy is expected, such as locker rooms or bathrooms.
  5. All social media is paused at the moment, but If a member wishes to take a photo or video that includes other members or staff, they must seek permission from the social media manager before taking or sharing it on social media. This ensures that all necessary approvals have been obtained and that the photo or video adheres to the gym’s social media policy. The social media manager can also provide guidance on how best to take and share photos or videos to ensure that they are respectful, appropriate, and in line with the gym’s branding and messaging.


  1. The temporary social media ban applies to all individuals in the gym, including private trainers, group fitness trainers, and members.
  2. No photos or videos of other individuals are allowed to be taken or shared on social media platforms while in the gym or on gym property without explicit approval from management.
  3. Members who wish to take or share photos or videos that include other individuals must seek approval from the social media manager before doing so.
  4. Members, private trainers, and group fitness trainers who violate the social media ban may face disciplinary action, up to and including the possible termination of their membership or contract.
  5. Any concerns or questions regarding this policy should be addressed to the gym’s management. We are happy to clarify any issues and work with members and trainers to ensure a positive experience at our gym.

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