Belt Promotions: March 26th at Balance HQ (Fishtown)

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 11.36.26 AMCongrats to everyone! Please share this on every social network to congratulate your teammates!

We are still compiling our promotion list. Please check back often, your name may be on it!

We will be giving out a TON OF STRIPES before and after promotions day. We have more than 600 students in Philadelphia alone. It would be impossible to reach all of you on the same day. So, will be awarding degrees in class for the next two weeks and two weeks after the promotion day.


When: March 26 from 12pm-2pm
Where: Balance HQ in Fishtown (1314 Frankford Ave)
Uniform: White Gi Only

Black Belt Degrees:
Josh Vogel (1rst degree)
Drew Vogel (1rst degree)
Anton Berzin (1rst degree)
Damione Puopolo (1rst degree)
Joe Ehoff (1rst degree)
Bryan Bentley (1rst degree)
Jimmy Cerra (1rst degree)

Black Belt:
Matt Germinaro
Brendan Kilfeather
Earl “trouble” Small

Brown Belt:
Eduardo Larranaga
Bill Logan
Bill Thanel (Balance NE)
Bassil Hafez
Rami Akkeh
Wil Mai
Joe Martini

Purple Belt:
Laurent Mondon
Aakash Patel
Alex Lembersky (Balance NE)
Kevin Cunningham


Blue Belt:
Ben Scott
Charlie Salguero
Mike Israetel
Mikhail Oza
Daniel Gardella
Mark Weir
Stuart Clark
Dana Ovadia (Awarded blue 3/15/16)
Dina Yarmus
Rodney Allen (Balance NE)
Cody Russell
Nikolay Tugushev (Balance NE)
Dustin Tancredi (Balance NE)
Tom Wiser (Balance NE)
Paul Fiola (Balance NE)
Christian Clarke
Daniel Kong-Quee
Carlo Nigro
Yehuda Sichel

Evan Thompson

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