Tatsu Tea Partnership


Balance Studios, a revered name in the realm of martial arts and wellness, is elated to formally announce its new partnership with Tatsu Tea. This collaboration brings together two iconic brands founded by the Migliarese family and their partners, reinforcing their shared values, ethos, and lifestyles.

Rooted in a shared commitment to health, performance, and authenticity, both brands exemplify the confluence of tradition and innovation. The union is emblematic of their collective ambition to provide holistic solutions that foster well-being and peak performance.

Tatsu Tea, with its matcha-infused energy designed for a performance lifestyle, complements the rigorous training and discipline propagated by Balance Studios. Recognizing the synergies between the two, this partnership seeks to provide Balance Studios’ clientele with a beverage that matches their tenacious spirit and drive.

On this momentous occasion, Phil Migliarese, Co-Founder, expressed, “This partnership embodies more than just business synergy; it’s a union of shared beliefs, traditions, and visions for a healthier, performance-driven future.”

Members and patrons of Balance Studios can look forward to experiencing Tatsu Tea as an integral part of their training regimen. The duo is gearing up for a series of co-marketing initiatives that will further highlight their aligned values and goals.


Tatsu Tea is a premium matcha tea product that is a natural and healthy alternative to energy drinks or coffee. Made with high-quality matcha powder, Tatsu Tea provides a natural source of energy and hydration, and has roots in traditional Japanese culture and tea ceremonies. Tatsu Tea is a unique and authentic product that sets itself apart from other tea and beverage products with its unique, earthy flavor and natural ingredients.

SOFT-LAUNCH (February 2023)

Tatsu was soft-launched in February, 2023 in front of millions on a new show called Product Search Live. By adeptly leveraging influencer relationships, the show reached millions of viewers, catapulting Tatsu Tea to instant success.

LAUNCH PARTY (September 23rd 2023)

🚀 Our official launch is set for Sept 23, 2023, at the Fishtown Feastival 🎉.

Join us outside @BalanceMMA at 1314 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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